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Many people are wary of trusts and their perceived complexity. However, trusts can be a useful tool for effective tax planning to reduce tax on your estate and for protecting family wealth.

Trusts can be used to protect, preserve and enhance the wealth of a family or individual.

A trust can be used to provide for:

  • Young beneficiaries
  • A disabled beneficiary
  • A beneficiary who is irresponsible with finances

There are several different types of trust. The main types of trusts are:

  • Bare Trust
  • Interest in Possession Trust
  • Discretionary Trust

is a trust right for you?

We can advise you on whether or not a trust is appropriate in your circumstances. If it is appropriate, we can discuss with you what type of trust best suits your needs and guide you through the creation of the trust.

Tax planning may be your main purpose for creating a trust. Whatever your reasons for establishing a trust whether it be to make family arrangements, to protect business succession, to benefit a disabled beneficiary, to create a charitable trust or for lifetime tax planning, our team has the breadth of experience to guide you through your options.

Administration of Trusts

We can also deal with the ongoing administration of a trust, or alternatively we would be happy to act as a professional trustee. As a professional trustee, we would deal with the preparation of annual trust accounts, deal with the administration of the trust, ensure all tax returns are dealt with and regularly review and document the investment strategy of the trust.

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