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Elderly Client Services

It is important to protect the interests of elderly clients and avoid future pitfalls in the management of their affairs. Our team prides itself on providing a personal and empathetic service combined with professional legal advice.

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Protecting the elderly

Our team can provide elderly client advice such as the protection of finances against fraud and the rebuttal of claims of undue influence. Perhaps your family may need guidance on how to assist you and deal with your affairs if you are becoming or have become mentally unable to do so yourself. We would be happy to advise or assist your family.

Managing your estate

We can offer advice on planning for future care fees, Local Authority assistance and the benefits and allowances that may be available.

Managing your affairs

Unfortunately, if steps are not taken by you and if you were to lose your mental ability, then our team can help by advising and guiding your family through an application to the court to appoint a Deputy. A Deputy has the authority to manage your financial affairs or make health and welfare decisions on your behalf.

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