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Administration of Estates

None of us will avoid losing a loved one. But you can avoid some of the challenges that may arise at such a difficult time. Estate administration can be a time consuming and complicated process. We are able to guide you through this process and deal with the formal administration of the estate, at a time when you and your family are coming to terms with your loss.

There are many reasons why you may prefer us to assist you in the administration of the estate. For example, to avoid the onerous responsibility placed on executors, due to the liability to beneficiaries, creditors and HM Revenue & Customs.

We can help you shoulder, what can seem to be a heavy burden, at such a distressing time. We have a team of highly qualified solicitors and probate executives, together with established links with a number of accountants and investment managers. We believe that this adds to the administration of the estate and enables us to provide an efficient service to clients ensuring that the estate administration progresses as smoothly as possible.

Estates vary in size and complexity. Each estate is different. It is often apparent from an early stage whether there are any complex issues to be dealt with. We are confident that we can advise you on any complex matters that arise.

our approach

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service during this difficult time, guiding you through this process and keeping you regularly updated as the administration progresses.

This would include:-

  • Ascertaining the value of the assets and liabilities of the estate.
  • Completing HM Revenue & Customs Accounts.
  • Advising Personal Representatives on their responsibilities.
  • Dealing with the payment of Inheritance Tax and making the application for the Grant.

We will:

  • Ensure the efficient distribution of the estate in accordance with the Will (or under the laws of intestacy if no valid Will is left), whilst ensuring tax liabilities are mitigated as far as possible.
  • Make practical recommendations for future tax planning, or give guidance as to options available.
  • Prepare final Estate Accounts at the end of the administration.
  • Deal with any tax issues during that period.



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