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Pre-nuptial Agreements and Post-nuptial agreements

If you are getting married or entering into a Civil Partnership and you have wealth to protect, then you should consider having a pre-nuptial Agreement. These agreements can also be drafted after the ceremony has taken place (post-nuptial Agreements).

Whilst the Courts retain ultimate discretion over financial matters, if the Agreements are properly drafted, both parties make full disclosure to each other as to their finances and both have solicitors, the Agreement is likely to be a significant factor to be taken into account by the Court in the event of a later divorce and can possibly act as a “knock-out blow”.

Preparing and negotiating these documents involves very special skills. Mundays lawyers have extensive experience of such agreements and will help you work together with your partner to reach agreed terms and to avoid unnecessary stress on your relationship in the months leading up to your wedding ceremony.

We work closely with our Private Wealth Department to ensure that any necessary Wills or Deeds of Trust match your needs.

Services we provide

  • Advising upon and drafting pre and post nuptial Agreements
  • Advising you in detail as to possible future financial claims and how to protect your interests
  • Instructing lawyers in foreign jurisdictions and working in tandem with them to ensure that the Agreement achieves your aims in each relevant jurisdiction
  • A practical, empathetic and creative approach

recent experience

  • Advising in respect of an pre-nuptial agreement protecting our client’s £100 million pound fortune, involving issues with several other jurisdictions
  • Acting for the fiancée of a very wealthy US businessman, liaising with US lawyers and ensuring that the pre-nuptial agreement met our client’s likely future needs
  • Acting for a wealthy European client and drafting a pre-nuptial agreement to protect his inherited wealth

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