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Dealing with the financial aspects of a divorce or separation are frequently one of the most difficult and sensitive aspects to resolve.

At Mundays you can be confident that we have the expertise to handle financial matters relating to your Divorce or separation. We have an extremely strong team of lawyers, many of whom have significant experience in dealing with complex and high value cases, involving businesses, trusts, offshore assets and pensions. We also deal regularly with cases which have an International element. At the same time, we have many cases with more modest assets which often can be the more difficult to crack. It is not always easy to divide the family wealth, when it seems that there is not enough to go around, in a way that is fair and meets everyone’s needs whilst keeping legal costs at a sensible and “proportionate” level. These cases often need a constructive and practical approach.

It is not always necessary for there to be court proceedings (often we will reach an agreement at an early stage) but if we do need to go to court we file proceedings in the Central Family Court or the High Court in London. We instruct barristers from the most highly regarded chambers, including 1 Hare Court and 29 Bedford Row who have many of the best known and highly regarded QCs and leading junior barristers in the field of Family Law. We are in touch with the latest developments in case law and the latest legal thinking and will be quick to react on your behalf.

A number of partners in our team are Resolution Accredited Specialists in financial cases

Services we provide

  • Applications for Financial Remedy Orders
  • Experience in dealing with complicated City or corporate bonus structures and share options, pensions, trusts, business assets
  • Experience in dealing with non-disclosing spouses and a forensic approach to disclosure, unravelling complex financial histories
  • Instructing expert valuers, accountants and other professionals
  • Applications for Financial Injunction Orders such as freezing Orders or Orders reversing transactions, including on an urgent basis
  • Experience with overseas assets, including foreign trusts
  • We work closely with our colleagues in other Mundays Departments such as Corporate and Property to ensure that your interests are protected

recent experience

  • Acting for a husband worth in excess of £20m including extensive share option rights and achieving an early settlement
  • Acting for a wife where her husband had pension assets worth over £12m and settling the case at a private financial dispute resolution appointment

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