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Restrictive Covenants and Confidentiality

Would you like to rely upon post-termination restrictions to protect the organisation from a departing employee’s actions?

It’s all well and good complying with the law, but you also need to make the law work for you.

We can help you do this by drafting tailored and detailed post-termination restrictions in your contracts of employment. Having gained an understanding of your business and your ways of working, the restrictions we draft for you won’t be off-the-shelf and you’ll be in a far better position to defend your organisation from former staff who wish to poach your ideas, know-how, staff and customer connections.

If required, a swift and focussed letter from us drawing the attention of a former employee to the error of their ways often provides the desired result without the need to commence legal proceedings.  If legal proceedings are necessary, we will help you take urgent and decisive action including applications for court injunctions to protect your business.

When you’re recruiting, we can review any restrictions in the current contracts of potential staff and advise you on their enforceability.  This will depend not only upon the actual wording of the restrictions, but also the circumstances in which the individual is leaving their previous employment.  Taking some timely advice will either give you peace of mind or put you on notice of any potential risks.  In either case, you’ll be better informed when making future decisions about your wider business.

Please contact a member of the employment team to discuss any issues relating to restrictive covenants and confidentiality.

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