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Recruitment and Employment Documentation

Would you like to recruit staff, put in place relevant documentation and protect the organisation whilst doing so?

Nowadays, the flexibility of the labour market provides you with a variety of options when it comes to engaging individuals. Whatever arrangement you wish to have, we can ensure that you put in place proper employment documentation that doesn’t just comply with the current law, but also protects your business both during the appointment and after it has ended.

Getting the right documentation in place at the start of any working relationship is essential if you wish to minimise disputes at a later date.  More importantly, they are a statement of your relationship with your employees.

We can ensure that your employment contracts, casual worker arrangements, consultancy agreements, locum contracts or directors’ service contracts not only contain all the relevant provisions required by law, but also those that protect your business (such as confidentiality and appropriate post-termination restrictions) and reflect your employment values.  This is not something that you should leave to chance.

We can also provide you with a wide variety of policy documentation (stand-alone or as part of a staff handbook).  The level of detail in all of these contracts and policies will depend on your requirements and the nature of your business.

Whenever we provide you with standard contractual documentation, we will automatically provide at no additional cost any updates which are necessary to ensure compliance with legislation and case law over the next twelve months.  That’s just part of our investment in your business.

And finally, if you haven’t reviewed your contracts or policy documentation for a few years, let us see it and we’ll let you know if it needs bringing up to date.

Please contact a member of the employment team to discuss any issues relating to recruitment or employment documentation.

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