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Unfair Dismissal and Other Claims

There are five potentially fair reasons for dismissing an employee, including misconduct, capability and redundancy.  However, just because an employer may have such a reason, it still needs to be fair and reasonable for them to dismiss you because of it. That includes following a fair procedure before doing so.

If you believe that you have been (or are about to be) unfairly dismissed or have any other claim (such as discrimination), we can provide you with an independent view on the merits of your claims. 

If we don’t think that you have a claim, we will tell you. If you do appear to have a valid claim, we will examine the best next steps for you to take.  This will depend upon many things, including your likely prospects of success, likely compensation to be awarded, your attitude to risk, the costs of taking those steps, the relevant timescales and your personal circumstances.

You should be aware that there are very tight timescales for bringing claims in the employment tribunal, usually three months less one day from the relevant act about which you are complaining (although these may be extended by your involvement in Acas’ early conciliation programme).

Taking advice at the earliest time will ensure that you are fully informed and understand all the risks well before the expiry of any time limit for bringing a claim. You really don’t want to leave it to the last moment.

Please contact a member of the employment team to discuss any issues relating to unfair dismissal and other claims.

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