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Franchise Disputes

Franchising is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK with more and more opportunities arising for business owners to expand or smaller companies and individuals to begin growing their own businesses. With the rise in new businesses comes many positive opportunities but unfortunately disputes can also arise between franchisors and franchisees.

At Mundays, when a franchise disputes does occur we are able to advise and assist franchisors, individual franchisees and groups of franchisees. Our team advises on issuing legal proceedings if necessary but we are also expert in alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation and mediation, which can often lead to a more cost effective and commercial solution.

For further information on our Franchise Team, please also see our Franchising page

services we provide

We act for franchisors and franchisees in advising on:

  • Conflicts between franchisors and franchisees
  • Enforcement of contract terms
  • Termination of franchises and how to exit a franchise
  • Property and commercial disputes
  • Debt recovery

recent experience

Our recent experience includes advising:

  • a franchisor of a nationwide chain providing complete office technology solutions against a franchisee in connection with multiple breaches of a franchise agreement, including unpaid franchise fees. Following the issuing of proceedings, the parties agreed to enter into mediation which ultimately led to a negotiated solution and a good commercial outcome for the client
  • a franchisee involved in a sporting franchise, where the franchisee was looking to exit the franchise agreement and to continue with his business outside the franchise. We successfully negotiated acceptable terms with the franchisor to allow the franchisee to continue with his business having prepared a Deed of Termination setting out the agreed terms for exit


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