Restructuring, Reorganisation and Redundancy.

Would you like to restructure or reorganise your business in a timely fashion and save the organisation expense whilst doing so?

From time to time, it’s necessary to make changes. And with everything else on managers’ plates, the key to doing so is to create as little disruption to the business as possible.

Depending upon the nature and extent of the changes being proposed, an organisation might be considering options ranging from minor role changes or individual redundancies to collective redundancies or outsourcing. All of these options will impact directly on some or all of your staff; it is important that you engage and consult with them in the right way as early as possible.

By involving us when formulating your proposals, we will help you shape your strategy to reach your desired outcome and minimise the potential risks that are inherent in these projects.  Where appropriate, we advise you on voluntary redundancy and any alternatives to redundancy.

With careful planning and with us providing that extra pair of eyes to identify potential legal issues and pitfalls, you will be well placed to address the concerns raised by staff and to defend any challenges they may bring.

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Services We Provide.

  • advising on minor role changes

  • individual redundancies

  • collective redundancies

  • voluntary redundancies

Quick Contacts.

Our Process

Please contact us if you have an employment-related query. We will check whether we can act for you and, if so, we will confirm the terms and conditions of our retainer with you in a client care or engagement letter

Wherever possible, we will provide you with a fee estimate before carrying out any substantive work on a matter. If we provide advice over the telephone, we will not confirm the advice in writing unless specifically requested to do so. If we are required to carry out any follow-up work to a meeting or call, we will provide you with an estimated timescale for the completion of your work, factoring in any urgency

When providing ad hoc advice, we will usually render a bill to you on a monthly basis. Otherwise, we will bill you on completion of a specific item of work

Please contact a member of the employment team.

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Changing Terms and Conditions.

From time to time, it’s necessary to make changes. And with everything else on managers’ plates, the key is to do so with as little disruption to the business as possible

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