Recruitment and Employment Documentation (Employees).

Nowadays, the flexibility of the labour market provides employers with a variety of options when it comes to engaging individuals.

Getting the right documentation in place at the start of any working relationship is essential if you wish to minimise disputes at a later date.

We offer advice on any bonus scheme or other incentive arrangements which your employer may be looking to put in place.  If you’re unhappy with some of the terms as a result of our conversation, we can help you try to negotiate changes.

If you’ve already signed your contract and are considering taking up a new engagement or new employment, we can advise you on the enforceability of any post-termination restrictions which might affect your plans. As a result, you’ll be better informed when making decisions about your next career move.

If required, we can respond to threats by your former employer to take action against you for breaching post-termination restrictions. This will involve quickly understanding both the nature of the role and the circumstances in which you left your former employer. If it becomes necessary to defend any legal proceedings, we work closely with you to take whatever action is needed, including responding to applications for court injunctions.

If your employer is trying to change your terms and conditions or implement new benefit packages, we can advise you on your rights (particularly under the TUPE Regulations) and the risks of refusing to agree to the change.

We will also work closely with your other professional advisers who may be assisting you with issues such as pensions and tax. By doing so, we can ensure we have a joined-up approach.

Services We Provide.

  • advice on employment contracts and service agreements

  • advice on non-executive director letters of appointment

  • advising on consultancy agreements and casual worker contracts

  • advising on proposed changes to terms of employment

  • advising on enforceability of post-termination restrictions

  • advising on bonus schemes, long term incentive plans and share options

Quick Contacts.

Our Process

Please contact us if you have an employment-related query. We will check whether we can act for you and, if so, we will confirm the terms and conditions of our retainer with you in a client care or engagement letter

Wherever possible, we will provide you with a fee estimate before carrying out any substantive work on a matter. If we provide advice over the telephone, we will not confirm the advice in writing unless specifically requested to do so. If we are required to carry out any follow-up work to a meeting or call, we will provide you with an estimated timescale for the completion of your work, factoring in any urgency

When providing ad hoc advice, we will usually render a bill to you on a monthly basis. Otherwise, we will bill you on completion of a specific item of work

Please contact a member of the employment team.

We can help you with any issues relating to Recruitment and Employment Documentation


Changing Terms and Conditions.

From time to time, it’s necessary to make changes. And with everything else on managers’ plates, the key is to do so with as little disruption to the business as possible.

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