Our team at Mundays will work hard with you try and reach an agreement without going to court

Mediation is a voluntary process, involving an impartial mediator who helps the couple to reach agreement. Mediation sessions can cover the process of separation and divorce, resolving financial issues or issues concerning children. The mediator will normally suggest that legal advice is obtained and that legal advice should be used to support the process.

A number of our team are trained mediators and would be happy to discuss the process and the likely costs with you.

Advantages of mediation .

  • Mediation actively encourages couples to reach an agreement

  • It provides both parties with an opportunity to express their views freely and openly

  • It helps to develop channels for future communication, which is particularly important when there are children involved

  • The couple remain in control of the mediation process at all times

  • Mediation is cost effective, quick and flexible

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You will receive expert and cost-effective advice from lawyers who have the personal skills to support you, the litigation skills to fight your corner and the technical skills to ensure that you achieve the best possible solution

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