International Expertise.

With the increasing ease of international travel, it is very common for families to have lived or worked in more than one country, and for couples to hold different nationalities or to own assets overseas.

This can lead to complex and potentially urgent legal issues if the parties separate, for instance the need to issue a Petition for Divorce quickly in order to secure jurisdiction in this country if there is a risk of your spouse issuing a Petition in a less favourable jurisdiction, or to freeze assets in another jurisdiction to prevent their dissipation.

All members of our team have experience in international disputes.

We are also founding members of the Cicero League of International Lawyers and have easy and quick access to expertise across the globe.

Services We Provide.

  • Urgent Petitions for Divorce if there is a risk of proceedings being filed in another jurisdiction

  • Advice about forum shopping (choosing the most financially advantageous jurisdiction for your case)

  • Established links to expert family lawyers in many other jurisdictions

  • Applications for Financial Remedies in respect of overseas assets

  • Pre and post nuptial agreements with an international element and liaising with overseas lawyers to ensure that the agreement is appropriate in all relevant jurisdictions

  • Applications for injunctions in respect of other jurisdictions

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Our Process

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You will receive expert and cost-effective advice from lawyers who have the personal skills to support you, the litigation skills to fight your corner and the technical skills to ensure that you achieve the best possible solution

Please contact a member of the Family Team.

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