Picking up the phone to make that first appointment with a family lawyer can be a difficult first step, but at Mundays you will always be able to speak to an experienced team member who can talk you through any concerns and can make an appointment for you to come in and meet with one of us.

We have links with many family professionals such as counsellors and divorce consultants if you need such assistance and will help our clients to consider what is in the best interests of the family as a whole and how to minimise any distress for the children.

Our family law team can help you to try to agree the wording of a Divorce Petition with your spouse in order to proceed as amicably as possible. We also have experience in filing urgent Petitions if there is a threat of proceedings being filed abroad, in a less favourable financial jurisdiction and we have acted on defended Divorces in the High Court in London.

Services We Provide.

  • Advice about separation and interim arrangements

  • Applications for Divorce, Nullity or Legal Separations

  • Defended Divorces

  • Urgent Applications if there are other jurisdictions involved

Quick Contacts.

Our Process

Please contact us if you have a family-related query. We will check if we can act for you and, if so, we will confirm the terms and conditions of our retainer with you

You will receive expert and cost-effective advice from lawyers who have the personal skills to support you, the litigation skills to fight your corner and the technical skills to ensure that you achieve the best possible solution

Please contact a member of the Family Team.

Our Family Law Team are happy to support and advise you on any issues relating to divorce



Your children are your first priority and your focus is to find a way forward which will best meet the needs of your children both now and for the future.

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