Collaborative Law.

Mundays will use collaborative law to manage divorce and separation while avoiding court hearings

Collaborative law is a voluntary process which involves both parties agreeing on a series of face to face meetings with their lawyers, who are specially trained in the collaborative process. It is ideal for couples who maintain a positive attitude towards each other and are committed to reaching a fair outcome.

A number of our team are trained collaborative lawyers and would be happy to discuss the process and the likely costs with you. You can find more information about collaborative law and mediation from the Resolution website or the Surrey Collaborative lawyers website.

Advantages of Collaborative Law .

  • The parties remain in control of the collaborative law process at all times and work together to reach agreement

  • The parties agree not to go to Court and both therefore have an interest in the process succeeding

  • Both parties can talk openly about all the possible options in the negotiations and do not need to adopt polarised positions

  • Other professionals such as IFAs or counsellors can be brought into the process if required

  • There are no court hearings

  • Collaborative law encourages a creative approach to dispute resolution

  • Both parties have legal advice and support throughout the process but the costs are often much less than Court proceedings

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