Our family team offer arbitration to couples in the process of separation who are struggling to come to a mutual agreement. We will handle all matters in a sensitive and confidential way

This is a relatively new form of dispute resolution and involves both parties instructing an independent arbitrator to make a decision about their finances (or about an issue relating to their children) that the parties agree will be binding. This can achieve a very similar outcome to the decision of a Court but without possibly many months of stress and legal costs.

Advantages of Arbitration .

  • The parties can choose the arbitrator, the venue and the dates of the arbitration

  • The process is quicker than Court proceedings and can save legal costs

Quick Contacts.

Our Process

Please contact us if you have a family-related query. We will check if we can act for you and, if so, we will confirm the terms and conditions of our retainer with you

You will receive expert and cost-effective advice from lawyers who have the personal skills to support you, the litigation skills to fight your corner and the technical skills to ensure that you achieve the best possible solution

Please contact a member of the Family Team.

We would be happy to discuss the process and the likely costs with you



Please see our Mediation page for further information

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