Andrew Morton.


Andrew has broad experience in corporate, commercial, intellectual property, banking and financial transactions, including acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures, group reorganisations, franchising, marketing and distribution agreements, and intellectual property transfers and licensing. He also has experience of Russian and Eastern European government securities, banking and corporate and commercial work.

He has particular experience in legal and commercial issues relating to the advertising, banking, defence, engineering, newsprint, pharmaceutical and liquor industries, and in acting for US multinationals.  Commercial Agency regulations (EU) and Export Control/Dual use regulations (EU) are a specialty.

Andrew joined Mundays as a consultant in May 2000. He was previously a partner in Allen & Overy from May 1973 to May 2000.

Andrew is especially proficient in drafting and working on complex commercial and financial agreements. He drafted (with help from a Russian lawyer) in 1994 an English law Master Agreement (like ISDA) for use by non-Russian investors with Russian banks holding an “S” license, enabling foreign investors to invest in Russian GKOs (short term T-bills sold at auction 3-6-12 month maturity), whereby the investor exchanged USD for Roubles to buy the GKOs at auction and forward sold the known Rouble redemption proceeds for USD on maturity.

It became the industry standard for participating Russian banks, brokers and foreign investors.

Another complex document he drafted in 2016 was for the financing and operation of a Caribbean call centre for UK customers.

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