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For Your Reference

20th April 2018

Sophie Banks discusses the employer reference and how it has diminished over the years to minimise the risk of a claim being made

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M&A Warranty & Indemnity Claims: Validity of Buyer’s Notice of Claim

10th April 2018

Most company and business sales will involve the Sellers giving a series of warranties (statements) to the buyer in connection with the company, business and assets being acquired

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An Easter Quirk

5th April 2018

As Easter moves between mid-March and mid-April, Andrew Knorpel looks at the reasonably regular Easter quirk

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Giving the Bump

22nd March 2018

Andrew Knorpel considers bumping in order to ensure a fair redundancy

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How to Prepare to Grant or Assign a Lease of Commercial Premises

21st March 2018

Oliver Lewis reveals the steps to take to begin the process

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Energy Performance Emergency for Commercial Landlords

20th March 2018

Gemma James reminds commercial landlords not to be a fool on 01 April 2018

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Legal implications of Road Closures

19th March 2018

Fiona Moss and Immy Suthar describe the legal implications for suppliers following road closures

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No Show, No Pay...?

8th March 2018

Sophie Banks clears up the employment-related issues raised as a result of the adverse weather last week

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Cryptocurrencies in Financial Cases

28th February 2018

Haroop Ahluwalia explains how cryptocurrencies fit into existing practices in financial remedy proceedings.

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Land Registration and E-Conveyancing

27th February 2018

The Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2018 (SI2018/70) were made on 22 January 2018 and will come into force 6 April 2018.

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