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How can we help you?

With over 50 years of experience providing leading legal services to individuals, families and businesses from our offices in Surrey and London, the team at Mundays can help provide you with support and advice on a wide range of topics.

Whether you are buying, developing or leasing property, protecting and securing your family's wealth, growing or protecting your business, or going through a difficult period, our teams are always available to provide support and advice.

A Fresh Approach

We believe that to deliver the best advice for you, we need to see things from your perspective.

Doing this provides the foundation on which we deliver not just leading legal advice, but customised advice that is appropriate for your specific circumstances and preferences. This approach helps you achieve your desired outcome - whether that's a commercial or a personal goal.

Each member of the Mundays team is focused on delivering this level of service to all of our clients.

My Lips are Sealed…or are they?

Céline Winham looks at confidential clauses and how all involved know their rights to prevent reputational damage on both sides

Thu 14th Mar 2019 - Read More

Stop press! A wolf in sheep’s clothing: Probate fee hike a stealth tax

Jeremy Duffy and Annika Bell look ahead to the long anticipated probate fee hike

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It’s All About The Training

Andrew Knorpel points to some helpful guidance materials for employers to be suitably equipped for mental health in the workplace.

Thu 28th Feb 2019 - Read More

Better education and advice is the way forward for cohabitee rights

Judith Fitton explains better education and advice about rights is the way forward for cohabiting couples.

Thu 7th Feb 2019 - Read More


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We Have Moved


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