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Surviving the summer holidays – a guide for separated parents

12th July 2017

Ahead of the school holidays, Josh McEvoy gives consideration to some of the issues arising for separated parents when planning summer holidays.

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COMING SOON: Major Impact of the MEES Regulations for Landlords and Tenant of Logistics Premises

13th June 2017

Gemma James looks at the revised property energy performance regulations coming into effect in April 2018.

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Artificial Intelligence: Robot Rights and Regulation

7th June 2017

Fiona Moss examines the complex legal issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence.

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The dream holiday home - Another 'Millstone' for divorcees?

5th June 2017

Judith Fitton looks at the list of complexities when deciding who gets dibs on the holiday pad in a divorce.

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Islamic Finance

22nd May 2017

Kevin Healy explains the differences between conventional finance and Islamic Finance

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Divorce Preparation

12th April 2017

Judith Fitton discusses how to approach issues of divorce and finances, and safeguard the future.

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Can't get the staff...

10th March 2017

Sofia Syed provides some tips on hiring household help

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2nd March 2017

In the advent of International Women’s Day, Sofia Syed navigates you on the road to promotion

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My modern family – personal and professional

22nd February 2017

Rachel Lemon discusses both her personal and professional experience of issues impacting the modern family.

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Contemplating the inevitable

9th February 2017

Mitchell Thompson discusses how best to prepare for one certain aspect of life, death.

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