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13th July 2017

Mundays' Employment Team publishes a regular employment bulletin. Please contact marketing@mundays.co.uk if you wish to sign up to receive the Mundays' employment bulletin.

To access the most recent editions of the Employment Bulletin, please click on the links below:

13th July 2017 - Getting in Touch with Your GDPR
29th June 2017 - Out with the Old Data, In with the New GDPR
15th June 2017 - Strong and Stable Uncertainty
01st June 2017 - The Cost of Sponsorship has Increased
18th May 2017 - You are Hearby Terminated
04th May 2017 - A New Pet Leave......?
20th Apr 2017 - Not That Old Chestnut...

06th Apr 2017 - April Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
23rd Mar 2017 - Get in the Know about Mental Health
09th Mar 2017 - Robot Rights
23rd Feb 2017 - Plumbing Gender Data
09th Feb 2017 - Warning: Can You Use It When It’s Out of Date?
26th Jan 2017 - That's All Settled Then

12th Jan 2017 - Cases to Look Out for in 2017

15th Dec 2016 - Please Mind the Gender Pay Gap (Part 3)

01st Dec 2016 - Changes to the UK Immigration Rules

17th Nov 2016 - Unwanted Xmas Presents

03rd Nov 2016 - Uber happy cabbies...

20th Oct 2016 - Have I got News for you...
06th Oct 2016 - Putting Birth and Breastfeeding First

22nd Sept 2016 - What’s Your Zero Hours Tolerance Policy?

08th Sept 2016 - Paying for more than the job’s worth...
25th Aug 2016 - Taxing Termination Payments

11th Aug 2016 - It’s Getting HOT! HOT! HOT!

28th July 2016 - Brexit Abuse

14th July 2016 - How Protected is your 'Protected Conversation'?

30th June 2016 - Getting Into the UK After Brexit

16th June 2016 - Keeping Personal Data Safe and Secure

02nd June 2016 - What to expect when you are Brexiting

19th May 2016 - Bringing Employers to Heel

05th May 2016 - Taking a hard line on “pulling a sickie”

21st Apr 2016 - What’s in the Public Interest?

07th Apr 2016 - It’s No April Fool's Update

24th Mar 2016 - Taking Away Childcare Vouchers

10th Mar 2016 - Confidence in your Confidentiality Policy?

25th Feb 2016 - Please Mind the Gender Pay Gap (Part 2)

11th Feb 2016 - 'Vanilla’ reference or tell it like it is…?

28th Jan 2016 - The Case of the Over-Helpful HR Department

14th Jan 2016 - Immigration Tips for Tier 2 Sponsors

17th Dec 2015 - “To disclose or not to disclose – that is the key question”... 

03rd Dec 2015 - Hang On to What You've Got
19th Nov 2015 - Is it Really Personal? How to protect your business when receiving a 'request'

05th Nov 2015 - From the Pitch to the Tribunal

22nd Oct 2015 - Cleaning up the Foreign Office, with a Living Wage....?

08th Oct 2015 - Immigration - More Offences, Greater Penalties and New Charges 
24th Sept 2015 - The Working Time Traveller
10th Sept 2015 - Time for Review?
27th Aug 2015 - I Don’t Know What You Did This Summer....
13th Aug 2015 - The Ghost of Social Media

29th July 2015 - There goes the incentive to terminate…?

16th July 2015 - Please Mind the Gender Pay Gap
02nd July 2015 - It's Hot in the City...! 
18th June 2015 - Get Out Now! No, Call the Police!
04th June 2015 - Does Jawbone’s claim have teeth?
14th May 2015 - The Woolworths and Election Blues Connection
30th April 2015 - It’s party time; how do you choose yours?
16th April 2015 - When the Written Word’s not Black and White
26th March 2015 - Top Gear, Suspension and Disciplinary Hearings
12th March 2015 - Subject Access Request – an end to the ‘back door’ criminal record check
26th Feb 2015 - Is This the Way to Gross Misconduct?
12th Feb 2015 - Collective redundancies: the return of the ‘Establishment’...?
29th Jan 2015 - Disability Discrimination - It's All About the Bass-ics
19th Jan 2015 - New Year - New Pipeline...
11th Dec 2014 - Restructuring: Maternity leavers always come top!
27th Nov 2014 - The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Personal Data
13th Nov 2014 - The Latest Twist in Holiday Pay – Please, Sir, I Want Some More
30th Oct 2014 - Beware of the Big Bad BYOD....
16th Oct 2014 - The Signs of Assignment – The Law According to TUPE
02nd Oct 2014 - Daddy Daycare?...(and other titbits)
18th Sept 2014 - Remember, Remember the First of October
04th Sept 2014 - Dressed to impress...?
21st Aug 2014 - Holidays are nearly over - but not the holiday pay nightmare!
08th Aug 2014 - Summer Quiz
23rd July 2014 - Do I have a bee in my bonnet...
10th July 2014 - Flexible Working
26th June 2014 - The Cost of Training
12th June 2014 - Football’s Coming (Home)
29th May 2014 - When is the "Neutron Bomb" Option Fair?
15th May 2014 - In Sickness and in Health
17th April 2014 - Employment News...further afield
03rd April 2014 - Mamma Mia
20th March 2014 - Fees, Damned Fees & Statistics
07th March 2014 - No April Fool
20th Feb 2014 - Early Conciliation
06th Feb 2014 - On the Record
23rd Jan 2014 - More of what's Happening in 2014
09th Jan 2014 - New TUPE - What's Happening in 2014
13th Dec 2013 - OH, OH, Oh, I Don't Feel So Well
28th Nov 2013 - Is it payback time...?
14th Nov 2013 - You Can't Do That
31st Oct 2013 - Just Good Companions
17th Oct 2013 - Third Party Harassment in the Workplace
04th Oct 2013 - Good Service (Provision Change)
19th Sept 2013 - Going on Holiday?
05th Sept 2013 - Take a Note...
22nd Aug 2013 - To sack or not to sack
08th Aug 2013 - Zero hour contracts - Indispensable or ineffective?
25th July 2013 - Why did the "knicker queen" give up her throne?
11th July 2013 - Coming up this Autumn - financial penalties for employers
27th June 2013 - Landmark ruling extends scope of collective consultation
13th June 2013 - Father's Day or Father's Year?
30th May 2013 - Employment Tribunal Fees - Good news for employers?
16th May 2013 - Employee Shareholders - get the go ahead
02nd May 2013 - Disability - Top ten tips for employers...
11th April 2013 - Is obesity a disability?

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Thursday 13th July 2017

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Out with the Old Data, In with the New GDPR
Thursday 29th June 2017

Andrew Knorpel looks at some of the changes applicable to employers when the GDPR comes into force

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Monday 19th June 2017

On 12th June a team of lawyers got out their walking boots and trekked 10K to raise money for The Surrey Law Centre.

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